Mastering the Keys: Essential Accessories for Your Digital Piano Experience


Welcome to our Mastering the Keys: Essential Accessories for Your Digital Piano / Keyboard Experience”. This comprehensive guide is designed to delve into the world of digital piano accessories, shedding light on how these add-ons can significantly elevate your playing experience.

So, what is this guide all about? It’s a roadmap designed to navigate through various accessories like headphones, adjustable stools, sheet music stands, and more that can transform your digital piano sessions, whether on a portable stage piano or a fixed one.

Why should you read it? Well, often, there are elements to a digital piano that does not come with the instrument itself. Most piano manufacturers focus on the instrument, leaving players to discover the world of accessories independently. This guide fills that gap, providing detailed insights and making your journey easier and more informed.

And how will this guide benefit you? By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what accessories are essential, how to connect your digital piano to these accessories, and how each one can contribute to making your playing experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Do You Need Accessories for Your Digital Piano / Keyboard?

If you’re an aspiring pianist, you’re probably wondering if you need any accessories for your digital piano. The short answer is, it depends on your needs and preferences. Also, it will depend on the model of your digital piano / keyboard. Some models and brands already have cases, stands, pedals, etc. One accessory that’s high on the list for many pianists is a good set of headphones. This allows you to practice and play without disturbing others around you.

Another important accessory is an adjustable keyboard stand or piano stool so that you can find a comfortable playing position. If you have a portable piano or stage piano, you may also want a carrying case or cover to protect it while on the move. Additionally, having sheet music or a tablet stand to hold your sheet music can be helpful. Some piano manufacturers also offer pedals, bench cushions, and other accessories that can enhance your playing experience. Lastly, don’t forget that you can connect your digital piano to your computer or tablet to access a world of software and digital learning tools. The bottom line is that while you may not need accessories to get started, they can certainly enhance your playing and make your experience more enjoyable.


Have you stopped to think about the importance of having a sturdy and reliable digital piano stand for your instrument? A good digital piano stand can make a world of difference in your playing experience. No more slouching or hunching over your keyboard! A stand can help improve your posture, leading to better technique and ultimately a better sound. Not to mention, it’ll make your setup look more professional and put-together. So go ahead, invest in a quality stand for your digital piano and see how it elevates your playing to the next level.

Liquid Stands - Z Style Adjustable and Portable
  • Adjustable height and width to fit most keyboards: Our universal keyboard stand is fully adjustable, allowing you to properly align your piano, DJ mixers, turntables, synths, and midi keyboards. Liquid Stands' keyboard stand is compatible with all major keyboard brands.
  • Play while seated or standing: What makes the Z style electric piano stand so versatile is its ability to adjust to both the musician's height and the piano's width. With this stand, users will have the option to make music while standing or while sitting on a bench, seat or stool.
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds for the heaviest keyboards: This stand's heavy-duty construction supports the heaviest musical instruments and gear. A Z-style stand offers more stability and is less likely to tip than common X-style stands. Great for use on stage, at home or in the studio.
  • Includes headphone hook and anchoring straps: Each keyboard stand includes four adjustable feet, anti-skid foam pads, and a headphone hook. Also included are two anchoring straps that attach the keyboard to the stand for extra stability and protection. Great for musicians on the road or kids just learning at home.
  • Easy to set up, transport, and adjust dimensions: The height of the stand adjusts between 22.5” and 33.5” (in 1.5” increments); the width adjusts between 22.5” and 33.5” (in 2” increments). Set up and break down takes less than one minute and your stand can be packed flat for transport to gigs.

Classic Stand - X Style
  • Classic keyboard and piano stand with a single-X-shaped design for stability
  • Adjustable-height options include 39 inches, 37 inches, 33.8 inches, 30.3 inches, and 25.6 inches
  • Made of durable steel and PVC materials (with a plastic PP bottom) for long-lasting strength
  • Sleek black color for a stylish appearance and easy coordinating with other equipment
  • Measures 16.1 by 17.7 by 37 inches; weighs 6.6 pounds;


As a musician, you know the importance of having a comfortable and reliable keyboard stand. You know, my Dad always had this one saying that stuck with me: “Your posture is 99% when it comes to playing the piano!” That’s where keyboard benches (and padded seats) come into play. Not only do they offer a stable platform for your keyboard, but they also provide the necessary support for your body to play comfortably and in the correct posture. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, a good keyboard bench can make all the difference in your performance. Invest in a quality keyboard bench and take your music to the next level. Your fingers, back, and your audience will be grateful.

Liquid Stands Bench Stool
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble: Liquid Stands’ bench is lightweight at 9 pounds and easy to assemble. You can easily carry it between gigs or break down between sessions for transport or storage.
  • Stainless Steel frame padded seat: Liquid Stands’ keyboard stand bench is made from stainless steel and has a plush, padded seat to keep you comfortable during long hours of play. This bench has a weight limit of 250 pounds.
  • Stays stable on any surface: the rubber feet help keep the stand anchored in place. The feet can also be turned to help adjust for uneven surfaces.
  • Adjustable height: This bench adjusts in 1 inch increments to account for different heights and play styles. Whether you’re using this as a piano stool or a wide keyboard bench, you can ensure you’re at the proper height.
  • Easy to set up, transport, and adjust height: The height of the bench adjusts between 17.5” and 22” (in 1” increments); the width is 17” and the depth is 12”. This keyboard chair is lightweight and easy to carry or set up. This stand doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to store and transport between gigs.

Bench with Storage Compartment
  • IDEAL COMPANION: Hours of piano practice can be difficult on a hard and stiff stool; this piano bench with a padded, upholstered seat lets you sit on it comfortably to prepare a perfect performance
  • STORAGE COMPARTMENT: The built-in compartment under the seat provides a convenient hidden storage space for your sheet music and books; the flip top is easy to open with a quality hinge
  • WITH COMFORT AND STYLE: The highly resilient, soft cushion provides continuous comfort during long practices, and the tufted black faux leather brings a big dose of timeless charm and character to your home
  • DETAILS MATTER: The legs of this stool are solid wood and can support up to 300 lb, while the rubber feet free your floors from scratches; it can also be used as a vanity stool when applying your makeup
  • EFFORTLESS ASSEMBLY: Assembly shouldn’t be an annoying task—with easy-to-follow instructions and the required tool included, you’ll have this piano bench set up before you know it

Padded Seats

If you’re someone who loves to play the piano or keyboard, you know that hours of practice can take a toll on your body, especially on your back and bottom. But, no need to worry! Keyboard-padded seats are here to save the day. With these seats, you can sit comfortably for hours on end without feeling any discomfort. They’re designed to support your back and provide cushioned seating for those long sessions on the keyboard. Whether you’re practicing for hours, playing at a gig, or recording in the studio, a keyboard-padded seat is a must-have accessory for any keyboardist. Plus, it’s not just about comfort, having a keyboard seat also helps you maintain a good posture while playing, which is crucial for avoiding injuries in the long term.

Adjustable Stool Padded Cushion
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble: Liquid Stands’ bench is lightweight at 14 pounds and easy to assemble. You can easily carry it between gigs or break it down between sessions for transport or storage.
  • Stays stable on any surface: the rubber feet help keep the stand anchored in place. The feet can also be turned to help adjust for uneven surfaces.
  • Stainless Steel frame padded seat: Liquid Stands’ keyboard stand bench with backrest is made from stainless steel and has a plush, padded seat to keep you comfortable during long hours of play. This bench has a weight limit of 275 pounds.
  • Adjustable height: This bench adjusts in 1 inch increments to account for different heights and play styles. Whether you’re using this as a piano stool or a wide keyboard bench, you can ensure you’re at the proper height.
  • Easy to set up, transport, and adjust height: The height of the bench adjusts between 17.5 - 22 inches while the back rest height can be adjusted between 27.2 - 36.2 inches. This keyboard chair is lightweight and easy to carry or set up. This bench with backrest doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to store and transport between gigs.

Donner Bench, High-Density Sponge Padded
  • Adjustable&Collapsible - You can adjust the height by adjusting the 4 position bolt lock at the bottom to ensure a comfortable height for playing your instrument. When you are not using it or when you are going out, you can fold it up to save space and facilitate transportation.
  • High-density Sponge - High-density sponge prevents your Keyboard Bench from deforming after prolonged use.
  • Non-skid Design - Donner keyboard bench stool is equipped with rubber non-skid sleeves to prevent the keyboard seat from shifting when you play the piano. A high-quality steel bracket with an X-Style design makes it very stable.
  • Wide Application - The Donner keyboard bench can be used with a variety of different instruments, which is the best partner for the instrument, but also suitable for a variety of home moments.
  • After-sales Guarantee - You can rest assured to buy our products. We have a professional customer service team to solve any product problems for you.

Cases & Dust Covers

As a keyboard player, keeping your instrument protected is essential. So if you’re looking for a product that will keep your digital piano safe from dust and scratches, a good case or dust cover is the way to go. The right material of construction can make all the difference, too. Fabric options like cotton blends can provide a soft covering that won’t scratch your piano. Conversely, polymer options are a bit tougher, which may come in handy if you plan to travel with your keyboard. Of course, cover dusts can be used over grand pianos also! Don’t let dust and debris pile up on your piano, invest in a quality cover or case today and keep your instrument in tip-top shape for years to come.

88 Key Keyboard Case Soft
  • 🎵Note!! Interior Size: 53.5"x13.8"x6.8". Please check the size of your keyboard before purchasing. 88 Key Keyboard Case: The keyboard bag 88 key fits for most popular model 88-key keyboard. (NOT ALL 88-Key Keyboard) The large piano case owns 3 exterior zippered storage pockets, provides plenty of room for music sheet stands (less than 16”), music books, pedals, cables, iPads, etc. You can store or transport the beloved keyboard and organize musical accessories anytime and anywhere.
  • 🎵2 Ways for Easy Carrying: The keyboard gig bag 88 key features durable adjustable shoulder straps and handles, bringing 2 ways of carrying as a backpack or handbag. Rugged nylon handles is solid enough to carry with 1 hand. The piano keyboard case with adjustable shoulder straps is appropriate for musicians, keyboard players, wife, husband, family.
  • 🎵Organized Shoulder Straps with Fixing Tie: Under kinds of carrying ways, the 88 keyboard bag designed a more humanized way for people in different situation, providing an adjustable hook and loop fastener at the backside for gathering the shoulder straps. Musicians can make those straps concealed until needed, without worrying and annoying of stepping on and smudging the straps.
  • 🎵Instrument Safe and Security: The keyboard 88 keys case designed with 2 interior adjustable security belts to tight your keyboard, avoid shaking and other damage during transport between gigs or practice, ensure your keyboard stays safe. Whether you are a teacher, musician, keyboardist, or other musical instrument players, the piano case is the worry-free way to keep your musical instruments safe and clean to ensure the best effect no matter in performance or transportation.
  • 🎵600D Waterproof & Dustproof Fabric: To protect your favorite instruments, the keyboard gig bag features the waterproof and scratch-resistant material to ensure the keyboard avoids collision and scratches, and prevents from wet. Thanks to the durable structure, the piano keyboard case guaranteed keyboard keeps dry and against dust. With the ultra-lightweight solution, the keyboard bag 88 keys is portable to carry in transporting, gigging, and traveling.

Piano Keyboard Dust Cover
  • 🎹HIGH QUALITY 88 KEYS PIANO KEYBOARD COVER: Our piano keyboard cover for 88 keys, made of high elasticity spandex, with adjustable heavy-duty round elastic and ABS cord lock at the bottom. Our 88 key keyboard cover can wrap your keyboard tight, keep away hair, pet fur, dust, food residues and other uninvited disturbance, keep your keyboard neat & clean.
  • 🎼HIGH ELASTICITY & FULL COVERAGE: Our piano dust cover 88 keys is a fit elastic fabric cover. Digital piano covers even can amazingly wrap your music sheet stand, music scores and electronic piano together, eliminate organizing the music scores every time, things become easier when next time you play the electric piano.
  • 💡LIGHT WEIGHT & PORTABLE: Our 88keys piano cover cloth cover is soft and light weight, super easy to carry around and use. Smooth digital piano cover will not put your keyboard at risk of friction. Keep your keyboard for a longer life. Such a good piano keyboard accessories and music lover must have!
  • 🎵PERFECT SIZE FOR 88 KEYS PIANOS: Our digital electric piano keyboard cover is suitable for 88 keys electric pianos. The combination, round elastic and cord lock makes this piano keyboard cover very easy to install and remove, and fits all most 88-keys Keyboards, such as YAHAMA, Casio. A few seconds set up and will keep keyboards secured all time.
  • ❤️OUR PROMISE & WASH DIRECTION: Our musical keyboard dust cover can be hand-washed or machine-washed, easy to clean and save your time. Enjoy the music knowing we have you and your piano covered, we pledge to help you out should anything ever go wrong. Feel free to contact our service team if you got any questions.

Sustain Pedals

Playing the keyboard has never been easier thanks to digital pianos. With its sleek design and technological advancements, it’s no wonder why so many musicians are now opting for digital pianos over traditional ones. But what about the sustain pedal? This little accessory is often overlooked, but it can make a big difference in the sound and feel of your playing. Not only does it allow you to sustain a note for longer, but it also makes transitions between notes smoother. Plugging in a digital piano sustain pedal will instantly enhance your keyboard-playing experience and give you more control over your music.

Sustain Pedal Universal
  • Universal sustain pedal is an essential accessory that's perfect for keyboard players and piano players, Compatible with any electronic keyboards and digital pianos.
  • 6.5 feet cable with 1/4 inch phone plug. (with 6 months warranty service )
  • Made of chrome plated metal pedal, high strength plastic shell, sturdy and durable.
  • Polarity reverse switch provides compatibility with any electronic keyboard, synth, digital piano
  • The Sustain Pedal is make high toughness soft effectively prevent pedal sliding that makes it long lasting and durable perfect for the studio and the road.

Casio SP-20 Upgraded Piano-Style Sustain Pedal
  • Works with all Casio keyboards and digital pianos with a pedal jack
  • Piano-style sustain pedal
  • Long cord
  • Black finish

Digital Piano Hi-Res Headphones

Playing the keyboard is a joyous experience. Unfortunately, not everyone in the room might appreciate the same tunes that you do, or your playing style – especially when you play the same notes over and over. That’s where Keyboard Headphones come in! These headphones are the solution to your sound woes. With a comfortable fit and high-quality sound, you can finally rock out to your heart’s content without worrying about disturbing others. No matter what style of keyboard you play, whether classical, pop, or jazz, these headphones will help you fully enjoy the music. So, don’t let a crowded room hold you back – put on your headphones, tap the keys, and get lost in the music!

Yamaha  Closed-Back Headphones
  • Swivel mechanism allows 90 degree turns to properly fit your ear angle
  • Compact, fashionable design available in black or white to match your instrument
  • Gold plated stereo plug and 2-meter cable for easy, convenient connection
  • Comfortable listening for extended periods

PHILIPS Wired Stereo Headphones
  • HEAR EVERY DETAIL: The on-ear fit with plush pads creates a seal that passively isolates external noise, bringing you closer to your music. 32 mm drivers deliver deep bass and clear, detailed sound


As a piano player, you know that practice makes perfect. However, sometimes the lack of lighting and shadows over the music sheet or digital piano can make practice a little more difficult. That’s where the best piano lights come in – they illuminate your keyboard and sheet music with ease. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one. That’s why we’re here to help you find the best piano lights for your needs. Whether you prefer a clip-on version or something more permanent, there’s a piano light out there that’s perfect for you.

Music Stand Light Clip On - LED
  • NO FLICKER - The Optical Grade Lens Provides Evenly Distributed Light with No Hotspots
  • MULTI-USE - Great for Music Stands, Pianos, Orchestra Pits, Reading, Work Tables, Mixing Tables,
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - 9 lights and 2 Levels of Brightness. 1 Flexible Arm Can Moved the Way You Want
  • CLIP ON STYLE - Clip it to Almost Everything. A Silicone Pad Protects the Gripped Surface Against
  • LOW CONSUMPTION - 20 Hours of Continuous Use on 3x AA Batteries

Piano Lamp - LED Clip-on with Dimmer
  • Clamp on design fits directly onto music boards 1" thick or less
  • Advanced LED lighting technology offers bright light for over 50,000 hours and generates no heat or harmful rays
  • Elegant Lamp with Sleek Design is an Attractive and Functional Accessory for Any Piano Room
  • Fully adjustable swivel neck and 19" rotating shade for optimal lighting direction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a digital piano?

A digital piano is an electronic musical instrument that replicates the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. It usually consists of weighted keys, built-in speakers, and various features that allow players to simulate the playing experience of an acoustic piano.

What is the difference between a digital piano and a keyboard?

A digital piano is designed to closely resemble the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, while a keyboard is a more versatile instrument that offers a wide range of sounds and functions. Digital pianos usually have weighted keys and a more realistic piano sound, while keyboards are often lighter and portable, catering to a broader range of musical styles and genres.

What are the benefits of a digital piano compared to an acoustic piano?

There are several benefits of owning a digital piano over an acoustic piano. Digital pianos are generally more affordable, require less maintenance and tuning, and offer a wide variety of sounds and features. They are also portable and ideal for small spaces, making them suitable for beginners, students, and professional musicians alike.

What are the essential accessories for a digital piano?

When setting up your digital piano setup, it’s important to consider a few essential accessories. These include a piano bench for comfortable seating, a pair of headphones for private practice, an adjustable keyboard stand for proper height positioning, and sheet music for learning and playing various musical pieces.

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In conclusion, it’s clear that having the right digital piano accessories can help you take your playing to a whole new level. From keyboard benches and padded seats for comfort while practicing to cases and dust covers for protection on the go, there are many products out there that will make your experience with a digital piano more enjoyable. Additionally, don’t forget about sustain pedals, headphones and lights which all add an extra layer of convenience when using a digital instrument. With so many options available in today’s market, we hope this article has helped you choose the best digital piano accessories for your specific needs. Now get ready to rock out!